Writer, singer, guitarist and occasional DJ/producer.

Unexpected, impactful; often humorous, sometime confronting lyrics paired with many different music styles including old fashioned rock, minimal electronic and hip hop. 



Jimmy Y

Recorded on trains in train stations, in parks and even on the street and in restaurants.

Around 20 full songs and hundreds of loops recorded in between my life. Most tracks feature an original photograph taken wherever the track was recorded.

Full new tracks and loops  are downloaded from time to time  as they are produced. 

Jimmy Yukka and his Amazing Band

A two piece with Mick Kilpatrick of on drums (now drummer to Bastard North.

The band is no longer active although we have not ruled out getting the band together in future. Jimmy Yukka and His Amazing band gigged across Australia for a period of 7 years, playing cutting lyrics with fast paced rock and roll with a hip hop vibe. Jimmy Yukka has recorded a mini album recorded and and one single is available on itunes.

Fred Yukka

Performed across the UK with short songs and songs about driving, office work and what it is to be a modern rock and roller.

Buy the supercool album on CD Baby or itunes .



Carroline Towers

An action movie musical written and performed by jimmyY.
Currently 7 tracks are recorded and 5 more are in progress

“Carroline Towers is a violent tale set in a future where buildings are as massive as countries, where the people never know the outside, and the value of human life is below that of concrete and steel; One man knows the truth he just needs to find the architect and together they can save humanity.”


A4 piece band band based in Nottingham UK 2004-2006 with Dave  (DJ, samplers and sequencing) , Mo (bongos and Didge) and Charlie Guitar and JimmyY (Synth ).

Sven Sixty

There were two tracks done under the pseudonym of SvenSixty. This was because one was about a situation at work – the track called “Safety Moment”. The two tracks available on soundcloud